Arts, Heritage & Culture (AHC)


Focus Area Aspiration

To transform Malaysia into a distinctive destination for AHC by enabling and supporting AHC-led initiatives that positively advances the AHC ecosystem in the country

Our Priorities In Arts, Heritage & Culture (AHC)

Outreach and Education

Ownership and appreciation of AHC as part of our identity is key to ensuring its preservation. We hope to raise this understanding of AHC’s role in society through education and awareness initiatives for communities.

Talent and Standards

We aim to close both the talent and subject expertise gaps in this area, as part of the wider planned capacity building and strengthening of the AHC ecosystem.

Capacity Building Initiatives

People are the real drivers of AHC. We will build capacity among communities and practitioners with a view to enable them to more effectively carry out AHC activities in a sustainable manner.

Strengthen the AHC Ecosystem

Government and policy are at the core of securing the AHC space. We support the creation of a supportive and inclusive ecosystem for AHC that promotes sector growth, through advocacy and strategic engagement with key stakeholders to effect changes at a national policy and regulatory level.

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