Focus Area Aspiration

To protect Malaysia’s natural capital and resources through conservation efforts and building of environmental consciousness

The New Economic Model (NEM) places strong emphasis on preserving Malaysia’s natural resources and safeguarding the interest of future generations. Our priorities in Environment are well-aligned with the NEM’s call for greater efforts to mitigate pollution, enforce clean air and water standards, and maximise the stewardship of natural resources.

Our Priorities In Environment

Conservation of Rainforests and Rivers

Growing demand for natural resources in recent decades has put a lot of pressure on the state of the environment in increasingly complex ways. We will partner with key stakeholders to establish high impact initiatives directed at strengthening Malaysia’s capacity and capability in conserving rainforests and rivers from further degradation. In addition, we recognise that Malaysia possesses an extensive area of wetlands, an ecosystem rich in biodiversity. We support the conservation of this natural treasure through our involvement in Iskandar Ramsar.

Sustainable Production and Consumption

To address the multiple challenges of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, resource management, and waste management, we will promote the adoption of sustainable production and consumption practices by businesses and individuals. We currently promote sustainable production and consumption through our partnership with EcoKnights, an organisation that implements education and awareness activities on sustainable living.

“Real change cannot be achieved in a short period of time, but we need to keep motivating each other and constantly look for solutions.”

Fadly Bakhtiar,

Sustainable Cities

We are seeing an unprecedented pace and scale of urbanisation in the world today. Though its benefits such as economic development and connectivity are obvious, we recognise that there are environmental and social challenges associated with this phenomenon. In order to revolutionise Malaysia’s cities, we will advocate, convene, and coordinate key stakeholders to develop sustainable cities. Sustainable cities take into consideration environmental impacts, and are inhabited by those who are dedicated to minimisation of required inputs of energy, water and food, and waste output of heat, air pollution and water pollution.

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