Persatuan Pengasih Malaysia

PENGASIH Makes a Difference


On: September 18, 2014 In: Community Development


There is great joy when drug addicts break out of the vicious cycle of drug abuse. More so when they begin to inspire others to get clean too. In 1987, four reformed drug users came together to establish Persatuan Pengasih Malaysia (PENGASIH) to help others live their lives free from addictive substances. PENGASIH practises the “peer recovery guidance” modality that is based on therapeutic community approach for its rehabilitation work.

Former users help each other during the rehabilitation programme, with the goal of reintegrating into mainstream society. One of the components through which Pengasih works to accomplish its goals is “Teduhan Kasih”, half-way houses for former drug users who have just completed their rehabilitation.


PENGASIH has grown significantly over the years, and today, it treats around 200 clients a year at its eight facilities. In 2013, PENGASIH began its institutionalisation efforts and started to document its practice. Concurrently, it started to digitise its client records to keep a better track of their treatment, rehabilitation, recovery and reintegration into society. The year also saw regular batches of drug treatment personnel from the Government of Oman being trained at PENGASIH.


In 2014, PENGASIH plans to relocate its primary treatment facility to Bentong, Pahang, which is currently being built with the help of Khazanah. The Bentong ‘campus’ will serve a larger client base, and could be a model for other drug treatment and rehabilitation centres in Malaysia and abroad. PENGASIH, too, plans to establish, in partnership with a Malaysian university, a drug rehabilitation research centre that studies and refines drug treatment and rehabilitation practices in Malaysia.


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