Focus Area Aspiration

To support sound and evidence-based policy-making and advocacy to affect positive change and impact on the pressing issues affecting Malaysia

Our Priorities In Knowledge

Research and Knowledge Generation

A strong knowledge base and available world class research form an integral part of becoming a knowledge-driven and globally competitive country, as these allow for the formulation of better policies and ensure more effective programme delivery. We support research that aims to improve understanding of the depth and nuances of pressing issues for better policymaking in Malaysia.

“KRI Morning Talk” co-hosted with Think City at the Khazanah Koridor Utara (KKU) in Penang

Knowledge Dissemination and Advocacy

We aim to enable and facilitate knowledge sharing, and advocate the use of information to cause change that is required for the community.

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“Climbing the Ladder: Socio-economic Mobility in Malaysia”, a report by Khazanah Research Institute (KRI) launched on the 28th October 2016

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