Our arts, heritage, and public lands play significant roles in the lives of all Malaysians. They form the core of what defines us, from the entertainment we consume to the places where we spend our free time. Therefore, appreciating them as part of our national identity is key to ensuring they live through the times for our future generations to experience.


While the country is made up of a diverse set of people, preferences, and cultures, we collectively hold many distinct qualities and values that make us Malaysians. These are the qualities that we aim to celebrate and build upon. To do this, we engage with communities, grassroot organisations, and policymakers to ensure the preservation of our tradition, as well as our fast-disappearing urban public spacesremain on track.

A young artist in the making; one of the participants demonstrating his skills on gamelan in Alam Kreatif programme by Pusat Kreatif Kanak-Kanak Tuanku Bainun (PKKTB)

Our Priorities

Borak Arts Series by My Performing Arts Agency (MyPaa) , a platform that attempts to create opportunities and build capacity through the congregation of local and international cultural leaders and artists in Malaysia.

Development of Local Talents

Malaysia is home to a wealth of traditional arts and crafts which are at the risk of being forgotten. As such, it is our aim to ensure these valuable art pieces and the skillsets required to create them are shared with the younger generation to enable their preservation for the long term.   


Together with Tradisi Busana PR, we embarked on a creative journey to preserve the art of silversmithing by supporting five master craftsmen in coaching and mentoring 30 artisans. Beyond enhancing skills, the initiative created new job opportunities for local talents and enabled them to enhance their livelihood in the long run.

Students from SK Ladang Pendas Gelang Patah, Johor performing during School Visit Trust Schools Conference.

Enrichment of the Local Art Scene

Through the Hasanah Arts Fund, our hope is to reach more aspiring artists and work with them to rediscover and highlight our country’s rich and diverse culture. We do this by supporting small and medium community-led initiatives across the country, keeping our unique arts scene alive and vibrant. Some of the initiatives we have supported include the Young Choreographer Project, the Georgetown Festival, and Bangsawan Dendam Laksamana, a play based on the story of a real admiral, Laksamana Bentan. 


Recently, we worked with Giclee Art to launch the “Talent Development & Art Reproduction for Emerging Artists in Malaysia” programme, which aims to groom and promote local artists in visual art, photography, and digital art. The programme provides up-and-coming talents with mentorship and a platform that can help bring their work to mass commercialisation in both domestic and global markets.

Classical Bharatanatyam Performance & Folk Dance by Children from Kalpana Dance Theatre for ArtsFAS at Cooler Earth Festival organised by CIMB bank.

ArtsFAS (Arts for All Seasons)

Event Activation

ArtsFAS is a platform to showcase Malaysia’s preserved and conserved arts in a public event. By making arts accessible, we aim to educate the younger generation through experience to create awareness and appreciation of our heritage. ArtsFAS is organised in the final quarter of every year, where we work with various collaboration partners to honour our artists.



individuals exposed to Malaysian art, heritage and culture through Hasanah’s support for various shows, screenings, theatre productions, workshops, exhibitions, festivals and place-making activities

Art Practitioners

in 2019, the focus was on preserving Teochew and Wayang Kulit

300 of 9,150

artefacts documented in Galeria Perdana Langkawi
Numbers are cumulative since 2015

Preservation of Public Spaces

Every city in Malaysia needs accessible areas where everyone can feel safe and welcomed. To make this possible, we work to rejuvenate our country’s urban public spaces. 


Think City, our partner, runs community-centred urban regeneration projects which aim to create more liveable, resilient, and people-friendly cities. By working closely with governments, international agencies, and local communities, they are able to inspire change in the way cities are planned, developed, and celebrated.  


Collaborating with the Johan Cruyff Foundation, Hasanah has also been developing Cruyff Courts around the country. These are safe spaces where children of all backgrounds, including those who are disabled or with special needs, are free to play and enjoy the facilities. We also introduced various sports programmes and a ‘Heroes of the Cruyff Courts’ initiative which aims to transform passionate and driven youths into role models for their neighbourhood peers.  


Together, our efforts help enhance the day-to-day living of our communities.

Our Arts & Public Spaces Partners

Arts & Public Spaces Stories

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