Building True Value with Malaysian Non-profits

Over 70 participants comprising representatives from social organisations, foundations, corporates, funding platforms, and accelerators at an ILMU Hasanah knowledge-sharing session. A closer look at how to enhance long-term impact delivery in the social sector Non-profits are essential in delivering key services to the community. Nevertheless, tight budgets, limited resources and a lack of measurable targets […]

Hasanah Special Grant 2020 (provision in response to Covid-19 outbreak)

Yayasan Hasanah, in partnership with the Ministry of Finance Malaysia, and as part of the Economic Stimulus 2020, is launching a special grant – Hasanah Special Grant (HSG) 2020 to support social programs to improve the quality of life of the targeted groups such as  the “poor families” or the bottom 40 communities including vulnerable […]

Seven Commandments on Responding Effectively and Providing Humanitarian Aid During a Pandemic

The 15th ILMU Hasanah was successfully conducted through a webinar for the first time on 14th April 2020, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Through this knowledge sharing session, three (3) panelists; Tan Sri Dr. Jemilah Mahmood, Special Advisor to the Prime Minister, Lilianne Fan, Founder and International Director of Geutanyoe Foundation and Said Alhudzari Ibrahim, General […]

Working During A Pandemic – Part 1

The experience of working during a pandemic affects us differently. For office workers, companies have no other choice but to embrace the reality (and efficiency!) of working from home. For some, their jobs are at stake or on hold because physical attendance is required, and the latter is what happened to some of Hasanah’s partners. […]

A Sacred Landscape

As we drove along the murky Pahang River making our way further in the interiors of Chenor on the bumpy road, surrounding us was an endless sight of luscious greenery. The forest looked untouched, scattered with statuesque Tualang trees. Eventually, we reached a hill overseeing the forest in which its facade was revealed showing its […]

Transforming education for a better Malaysia

Transforming education for a better Malaysia Rapid advancements in innovation and technology have significantly transformed the way we live, and with that the role of education in modern society. There is now a greater need than ever before to re-evaluate the necessary knowledge, skills and values that our future generations will need. This will ensure […]