The Future of the Digital Platforms

The latest instalment of ILMU HASANAH: “The Future of the Digital Platforms, was delivered in collaboration with Khazanah Research Institute (KRI) on 29th July 2021. This knowledge session was in conjunction with the launch of KRI’s #NetworkedNation report. Anita Ahmad, Head of Community Development of Yayasan Hasanah, moderated the discussion featuring valuable insights from:   Dr […]

Postcards from the South

Celebrating life, heritage, and memory on the Malaysia Railway The story of the railways is the story of Malaysia. It is the steel thread that binds all of our unique histories and cultures together. Projek Keretapi Kita celebrates our living heritage by documenting it- what the line is like today, how it is remembered, and […]

Suara KL Roadshow

About Suara Suara Community Filmmaking brings community stories from Borneo, as told by the people who live them. This exclusive session brings 10 short films featuring the faces, places and heart of Sabah’s rural communities. Meet the local and indigenous filmmakers of the Suara Community Filmmaking family and get to know them and their stories.

Education in the 21st Century

The Finnish Experience The foremost authority of Finnish education, Mr Heinone speaks about Finland’s strategies, vision and way forward in preparing children for the 21st century. This series is a collaboration between Yayasan Hasanah, BFM Edge and the Finnish Embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

National River Care Fund

Under the National River Care Fund (NRCF), we take a look at how Community-Based Organisations lead their own river conservation. This series is a collaboration between Hasanah & it’s partner, Global Environment Centre.

Conservation you can taste

From the everyday Kuih Ketayap, to the not too commonly found Apam Sua, leading to the endangered Serak Jagung and Kacau Keledek, we would like to share with you Projek KWIH at our first Ilmu Hasanah 2018. Projek KWIH is aimed to preserve heritage of endangered kuih on a nationwide basis by identifying respective domain […]

Tracing Alfred Wallace collection in Malaysia

For more than 20 years, in the course of his studies on A. R. Wallace, Dato’ Sri Lord Cranbrook has been progressively sifting through collections of vertebrates in different institutions, mainly in UK national Natural History museums in Liverpool, South Kensington and Tring (for birds) to discover and authenticate Malaysian specimens.

Experiences and Key Learnings from Responding to Natural Disasters in Malaysia

Malaysia has in recent years seen unprecedented levels of natural disasters, primarily floods as well as the unexpected earthquake in Sabah causing the need for increased resources for responses to meet the needs of survivors. In the wake of these disasters, particularly the floods of 2014/2015 which saw 160,000 evacuees during its peak, more and […]

Funding for Social Purpose Organizations

Moving away from the traditional grant trajectory, the day-long sessions helped partners explore innovative alternate mechanisms, platforms and avenues that non-profits could use to fundraise, scale up their organisations or better deliver impact. This particular event brought in 10 speakers covering a range of mechanisms including crowdfunding, social outcome funds, social impact bonds, accelerators etc. […]

Finding Purpose at the Intersection of Me+We

Alvin Ung is the author of four books including Together: Finding Purpose at the Intersection of Me+We, where he traveled to 10 Asian countries to study how 100+ leaders harnessed the power of purpose to transform people, places and the planet. Twice named as a Fellow at Khazanah Nasional, his writings have been published by […]