As the nation continues to battle COVID-19, the far-reaching socio-economic repercussions of the pandemic are being endured by vulnerable communities more than ever. As part of the recovery process, Malaysia’s Prime Minister launched the People and Economic Strategic Empowerment Programme (PEMERKASA) worth RM20 billion in March 2021, along with a new fiscal injection by the government amounting to RM11 billion.

One of the 20 PEMERKASA initiatives, which Yayasan Hasanah is assisting to manage, is Initiative 16: Improving the Urban Vulnerable Assistance Programme, which, among others, includes a RM100 million allocation to provide basic food needs to 300,000 households identified by the Ministry of Finance. This pilot cash aid programme benefits poor families and families living in extreme poverty in urban areas nationwide. It will run from June 2021 until completion in December 2021.

Implemented end-to-end by the non-profit organisation MyKasih, this programme uses MyKasih’s cashless payment system that leverages on the innovative MyKad technology. Individuals will receive RM100 per month for three months in their MyKad and will then be able to purchase necessary rations from MyKasih partner grocery stores.