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Promoting Intelligence, Nurturing Talent and Advocating Responsibility

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A high percentage of public schools located in rural areas which serve students from poor and low-income families are underperforming when compared to their counterparts in urban areas. These schools need additional support to provide coaching to teachers and give students access to additional tuition and afterschool activities that would help inspire and motivate them to success.

PINTAR Foundation (PF) drives the PINTAR Programme, a school adoption initiative in partnership with Corporate Malaysia. PINTAR is the acronym for “Promoting Intelligence, Nurturing Talent and Advocating Responsibility”. PF integrates these tenets into all its programmes. Through their partnership with PF, companies adopt schools for a three-year period, and support them through financial and non-financial contributions. Employees of these companies often implement various activities in their adopted school(s). These activities follow a modular framework that ensures programmes support holistic student development.


In 2013, PF facilitated the adoption of 43 schools. Two new corporations joined hands with PF, increasing the total number of companies it has partnered with to 33. In addition to the school adoption programme, PF also manages and implements a number of national programmes at PINTAR schools nationwide. For 2013, these initiatives included PINTAR Mobile Learning Unit (PMLU), Leadership Programme for PINTAR School Leaders (LPPSL), PINTAR Alumni programme, PINTAR Go Green school programme and PINTAR D’Arts programme.

PINTAR Mobile Learning Unit (PMLU)

PMLU is a specially customised bus equipped with activities and information based on a theme that relates to PINTAR’s three key tenets. In 2013, the PMLU was built on the theme of “Nurturing Talent” to introduce rural students to aviation, culinary arts, medicine, photography, sound engineering and sports, as career possibilities that they could aspire towards. The PMLU toured across Peninsular Malaysia, and reached out to 210 primary schools, and received a total of 70,000 visitors including students, teachers and parents.

During the school holidays, the PMLU visited 13 children homes. The PMLU also made a special appearance at ISKARNIVAL 2013 at Nusajaya, Johor Bahru and Karnival Sempena
Hari Kanak-Kanak Sedunia, Warga Emas dan Orang Kurang Upaya at Negeri Sembilan, collectively reaching out to 1,300 visitors.

Leadership Programme for PINTAR School Leaders (LPPSL)

LPPSL addresses the need for self-development in school leaders. Through a series of workshop sessions, school leaders are exposed to theories on leadership and are tasked with implementing the relevant theories at their schools. Their role as catalysts of change in their school is also emphasised. The programme began in 2011 and has seen three batches of participants to date.

Last year, PF conducted the final workshop for the second batch of school leaders between 13 and 15 June. A total of 31 leaders from 18 schools took part. The year also saw the LPPSL being held for a third batch from 25-27 October. This workshop, attended by 33 school leaders from 19 PINTAR schools, was led by LeapEd Services Sdn Bhd, the main service provider for trust schools in Malaysia.


PF will remain steadfast in its mission to grow the programme and to expand its contributions in line with the aims of the Malaysian Education Blueprint 2013-2025. In all this, the needs of schools and students under the programme will remain the priority. Recognising the limitations of organic growth, the Foundation has planned new programmes to reach more schools and have a large positive impact on its beneficiaries.