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There is an achievement gap between students from poor and low-income families and their peers from more affluent homes. Research shows that teachers are the main contributors to student success in classrooms. Teach For Malaysia (TFM) was set up in 2010 with the view of narrowing this achievement gap. TFM believes that education inequity can be solved if Malaysia’s best and brightest immerse themselves in the realities and complexities of the issue, and work together in schools and beyond to give every child the opportunity for an excellent education.

To this end, TFM recruits, selects and trains exceptional Malaysian graduates and young professionals to teach in high-need schools nationwide under a two-year Fellowship. In collaboration with the Ministry of Education (MoE) and the global Teach For All network, TFM provides an experiential training programme that blends proven teacher training modules with innovative leadership development components.

TFM is relentlessly pursuing its ambition of building a national pipeline of leaders to fulfil its mission. In addition to Khazanah, TFM has enlisted the support of numerous organisations including YTL, ExxonMobil Corporation, UBS and Jeffrey Cheah Foundation. TFM also engages with a broad range of leaders through TFM Week to help them gain a better understanding of education inequity.


Since its inception in December 2010, TFM has recruited three cohorts of Fellows. In November 2013, 44 Fellows from the first cohort completed their programme and became TFM Alumni, while 47 Fellows from the 2013 cohort finished their first year of teaching. Of the 44 Alumni, 70% are currently staying on in the education sector (both the private and public sector), with 25% of them within the MoE. TFM welcomed on board a total of 65 Fellows of the 2014 cohort who commenced their two-year Fellowship in January 2014, increasing the total active Fellows to 112. They will be teaching along with 9 TFM Alumni who are continuing to teach in high-need schools in 2014. Further, the MoE has accepted 2 TFM Alumni into its Performance and Delivery Unit (PADU) that coordinates the delivery of all Education Blueprint 2013-2025 initiatives.


Looking Ahead

TFM aims to continue to recruit Malaysia’s most promising future leaders in growing its fellowship programme, with both active Fellows and alumni working on the ground to change the lives of children in schools across Malaysia. The organisation is focusing its efforts on ensuring that there is systemic impact through collaborative efforts to support the MoE’s Education Blueprint 2013-2025.