Community Development

Focus Area Aspiration

To enable and support community-led actions that strengthen social cohesion, inclusivity and equity through sustainable social and economic development

Our Priorities In Community Development


The community development focus area seeks to implement socio-economic programmes from a Community Based Approach (CBA) to poverty alleviation, with a target to empower communities to be economically, socially and environmentally resilient. In taking on the CBA, we seek to address poverty on the premise that poverty is multidimensional as it covers a broad spectrum of issues that are complex and interrelated. Hence, to eradicate poverty sustainably, we seek to support programmes that improves the capacity of multiple segments of communities such as vulnerable head of households, women, youths and children to build their resilience and livelihood capabilities by providing them the necessary skills, education, services and resources as enablers to break the cycle of poverty.

Farmers from the Dusun tribe sharing their experience and motivation under a makeshift shelter located in their ginger farm


Given that children are usually the most vulnerable amongst any communities, we also focus on advocating and raising awareness on child rights – specifically in the areas of Deinstutionalisation (DI) of children and child protection. Following the principles that children thrive best when they are brought up within a loving family, we support initiatives that seek to reduce the number of children in institutions through reintegration and adoption programmes and policies. Furthermore, in view that children are vulnerable to all forms of abuses, we also support scalable and replicable programmes that will increase the protection of children nationally.

Students listening attentively to their English teacher