Trust School: Cikgu Mazita

We met Cikgu Mazita on the visit to Sekolah Amanah SK Gemang located in Jeli, Kelantan.

Modest and humble by character, the true colour changed (*in a good way of course) as her personality sparked with emotion and passion when we asked her to tell us the experience teaching more than 30 pre-school students under the Trust School Programme, funded by us. “Students are simply the priority when we plan the lesson module. Centric on the student needs in the classroom, the teachers are given freedom and leeway to teach the subject, giving us the right dose of creativity to express ultimately, ourselves”.

“Students are simply the priority when we plan the lesson module.”

Truth be told, Jeli, apart from the scorching heat offered which KL city can’t herself compete, if not being of the same par lately, is falling short of any exciting vibes of a decent city. Despite not much hint of excitement visually, I was inspired really, to come across personality so fuelled and driven, with genuine excitement to do what she does best, right in the very heart of this town. Such impact on a personality we created through the Trust School, it’s heartwarming I reckon for a short post in this Hasanah story. A passionate personality educating the young mind of Malaysians, tirelessly right in the heart of Jeli.