Focus Area

Paving the way for long-term impact


Realising our children’s full potential

We believe the nation’s future begins with access to quality education for all.

We are committed to transforming our public education system, bringing meaningful changes into the classroom and beyond. From developing new assessment frameworks for children with learning difficulties to providing trainings for teachers and school management with greater autonomy, we work to provide our next generation with the opportunity to thrive in the competitive globalised workforce.

Complementing our efforts in formal public education, is our support for skills enhancement initiatives for at-risk youths, helping to ensure a better future for them.

Community Development

Empowering communities to be resilient

We empower vulnerable communities to take charge in enhancing their standard of living.

Every Malaysian deserves a better future. By providing at-risk communities with the skills training, education, and resources they need, we strive to support them to live more dignified and independent lives. We do this by enabling and supporting community-led actions that strengthen social cohesion, inclusivity, and equity through sustainable economic and social developments.

Realising that poverty is a multi-dimensional issue, we work with multiple partners to develop complementary interventions to address different challenges. Beyond providing livelihood and leadership trainings within the community, we drive after-school education assistance and skills workshops to strengthen family bonds. We do this with the hope of providing these communities with every opportunity they deserve.


Building a greener home for future generations

We seek a low-carbon, resource-efficient, resilient and sustainable economy while increasing the quality of life.

Plants, animals, and people need a safe and clean environment to thrive in. From rainforests to marine ecosystems, we aim to strengthen Malaysia’s capacity and capability in conserving our natural heritage. Our aim is to build a shared responsibility towards a sustainable lifestyle through changing mindsets and behaviours. We do this through innovation, advocacy, and environmental education, driven by civil society initiatives and community-led action for the public, and especially, for the young people of tomorrow.

Art & Public Spaces

Protecting and promoting the essence of Malaysia

We drive awareness, appreciation, and preservation of our country’s greatest assets.

Malaysia is rich with history, arts, and culture. Through a wide range of projects, we celebrate our diversity, develop our people’s creativity, and protect our heritage. This ensures that our distinctive Malaysian identity lives on through the generations.

Beyond that, we support the rejuvenation of our public areas, which are essential to our communal enhancements and socio-economic development. Working with Think City, a community-focused urban regeneration organisation, we deliver a wide range of projects aimed at turning key areas in our cities into cherished spaces for recreation, development, and heritage appreciation.


Supporting evidence-based policymaking and social interventions

We unleash the transformational impact of knowledge generation and sharing to strengthen institutions, systems, and capacities of individuals.

For Hasanah, knowledge is intrinsically linked to learning and the source of all our knowledge is the work that our partners do on the ground. These learnings then provide us with evidence to support, advocate, and influence policy and structural changes in line with our aim to be an impact-based foundation supporting long-term social change.