Realising our children’s full potential

All smiles from students of SK Combined, Sarawak.


Our hope is to empower our next generation with the knowledge, skills, and opportunities they need to take on the challenge of a competitive global economy. To make this possible, our initiatives include:

  • Promoting STEM in lower-performing schools
  • Developing new assessment frameworks for children with learning difficulties
  • Supporting inclusive education
  • Providing training in mental health for school counsellors
  • Enhancing skills for at-risk youths
  • Offering scholarships through Yayasan Khazanah

Our Priorities

Trust School Programme

“There is no better predictor of a nation’s future than what is currently happening in its classrooms.” – Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025

We seek to do our part in transforming our public school system, ensuring every child is given quality education that is focused on holistic, personalised learning. As such, we are committed to supporting the Trust School Programme, a private-public partnership between non-profit organisation Yayasan Amir and the Ministry of Education.

Comprehensive and sustainable, the programme is aimed at improving student outcomes in primary and secondary schools across Malaysia. Together with education service provider LeapEd, Yayasan Amir works closely with principals, teachers, students, and parents on these four strategic goals:

  • Develop high quality leadership and management
  • Improve the quality of teaching and learning
  • Maximise student achievement and potential
  • Strengthen engagement of parents, community, and other stakeholders

Moving a step up, we embarked on Projek AMAN, a state-wide education transformation programme in Kedah. Beyond single school improvement, we aim to implement change at state level, working with the State Education Department (JPN), the District Education Offices (PPD), and schools in Kedah.

Students of SK Tabuan, a successful Trust School in Sarawak.

School Adoption Programme

A Hasanah partner since 2008, PINTAR Foundation supports our mission to widen access to quality education, especially for underserved students in B40 communities. By promoting intelligence, nurturing talent, and advocating responsibility, PINTAR seeks to inspire the young generation to become confident, productive, and contributing citizens. More recently, our partnership has also grown to address issues such as mental health and inclusive education.

To make a meaningful difference, PINTAR is guided by its four pillars:

  • Motivational and Team Building Programme
    Career talks, motivation camps, team building activities
  • Educational Support Programme
    Tuition, computer classes, remedial classes, donation of learning materials
  • Capability and Capacity Building
    Teachers’ development, parental involvement
  • Reducing Vulnerabilities and Social Issues
    Environment awareness, safety, health, hygiene, disaster risk management

One of PINTAR’s initiatives is the PINTAR Mobile Learning Unit (PMLU), a bus that has been converted into a fun, interactive learning space. Travelling to different states and reaching students all around Malaysia, it exposes students to important topics, from health and hygiene to safety and the environment.

Skills Training

New skills, new opportunities. Hasanah believes that with the right skills, more opportunities become available to youths, ensuring they are able to earn a stable income and be contributing members of society.

One of our key partners in providing skills training is MySkills Foundation, whose mission is to equip at-risk youths from marginalised B40 Indian communities with market-relevant skills. For example, with guidance from a licensed wireman, students helped install electrical wiring for a family living without electricity for five years.

Through holistic training that involves mentoring, social skills learning, job placements, and continuous monitoring, students are empowered to find gainful jobs and become economically independent. In the long term, this will help reduce their parents’ financial burden and alleviate poverty in the country.

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