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Our Knowledge Centre is a repository of our learnings, issue briefs, narratives of past knowledge-sharing sessions and research pieces 

Together We Stand: Onwards to Inclusive Social Protection

The Covid-19 pandemic and the recent floods has highlighted longstanding issues in Malaysia’s social protection system. After two years into the pandemic, the current system remains unable to provide adequate security to a significant segment of the population. This is illustrated by relief measures favouring formal sector workers compared to their informal counterpart despite the disproportionate impact of the pandemic on vulnerable groups and marginalised communities.

Survey Findings: Impact of COVID-19 on Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in Malaysia

The purpose of the survey is to be informed and respond effectively to the needs of CSOs in Malaysia as the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve and have detrimental social economic impact on vulnerable communities.

Hasanah Issue Brief: Central Forest Spine

Malaysia’s Central Forest Spine is degrading at an alarming rate as a result of rapid urbanisation. Over the years, human intervention for commercial gains has resulted in the clearing of vegetation and forest land for agriculture, settlement and infrastructure development. This has resulted in the overall reduction of our forest areas, a decline in the quality of our forests and forest fragmentation.


Knowledge Stories

Past ILMU Hasanah Sessions






Suara KL Roadshow

About Suara Suara Community Filmmaking brings community stories from Borneo, as told by the people who live them. This exclusive session brings 10 short films

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Past Capacity Building Sessions

Past Capacity Building Sessions

Impact Assessment workshop

Hasanah organised a two-day Impact Assessment workshop which aims to help partners better articulate long-term impact they wish to see from their programmes or projects,

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