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In December 2013, Khazanah Nasional Berhad (Khazanah) incorporated a sister entity, Yayasan Hasanah (Hasanah), as an enhanced and more strategic approach to value distribution. While Khazanah has been involved in Corporate Responsibility initiatives since 2006, the establishment of Hasanah marks a new chapter in Khazanah’s institutionalisation and on-going transformation. This is in line with Khazanah’s capacity building agenda for the nation, and is also in support of the national transformation agenda.

We are an impact-driven organisation that envisions a globally sustainable Malaysia with empowered communities, an inclusive society, and a well-managed environment.

Picture1We strive to create real and lasting positive social and environmental changes for Malaysia through our work in the following focus areas: Education; Community Development; Environment; Arts, Heritage & Culture; Knowledge; and Public Spaces. Within these focus areas, we partner with civil society, communities, corporates, and government agencies to design and implement initiatives that will deliver the greatest impact in realising our vision.

True value for the country is created when individuals are empowered to ably participate in society and the economy. As Malaysia continues to develop, and as the world around us continues to change, we will increasingly need innovative thinking and locally-customised levers for solutions to address complex development problems. These aspirations and beliefs are reflected in our commitment to uphold the principles of Empowerment, Trust, Integrity, Inclusiveness, Connected & Authentic (ETIICA).

Connecting the dots: Advocate, Convenor, Enabler

As a convenor, we help create an enabling platform in the sector and connect the dots between multiple parties and stakeholders. We can recommend synergies and cross-sector collaborations between Partners, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and stakeholders and their programmes, and drive collective impact and knowledge exchange in the sectors we work in. This is a role closely aligned to our strategic priority in effecting long-term social impact.


Through the Yayasan Hasanah Grants Programme, we support partner organisations operating within our focus areas. We want to enable partners to overcome the myriad of challenges they face, be it fundraising, talent development, organisational management, and more. Therefore, we go beyond traditional grant-making, bolstering the funding support we extend to partners with capacity building initiatives that we run through our Capacity Building Programme. We inherit from Khazanah its Five-Point Engagement Framework, and this guides our collaborative style in our partnerships. By providing the right support, we hope to accelerate and deepen the impact of our partners.

Through our Grants Programme we partner with suitable organisations (e.g., civil society organisations and social enterprises) to deliver solutions in our focus areas. We seek to strengthen our partner’s organisational capacity including the areas of leadership, strategy, governance, human capital, and systems and control; we collaborate in the design and planning of programmes; we monitor and support programme implementation; and we promote relevant data collection and evidence based learning. We also conduct independent audits to advance transparency and accountability.

Our partners are organisations that value integrity and accountability, and are committed to excellence and to collaborate with both beneficiary communities and other related organisations. We prefer to support initiatives that are scalable and has potential multiplier effects that will enable us to achieve mid to long term positive impact.

We award grants under our Grants Programme once a year.


We are impact- driven. While we recognise the importance of individual grantee impact, we are also interested in understanding the collective contributions of various partners and initiatives within our focus areas, and ultimately we would like to measure the gains of our work to the Malaysian society as a whole. We will work continuously with partner organisations to cultivate a high-performance culture within the social and non-profit sectors, build networks, and find grounds for collaboration in the pursuit of a common agenda.

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Hasanah will play a strategic and catalytic role to promote social inclusivity and equity for all Malaysians, through our work in the following focus areas. By creating positive change within these areas, we hope more Malaysians will be able to overcome the barriers that impede them from living and fulfilling their full potential.


To support scalable education models that promote equity and increase access to quality education

Community Development

To enable and support community-led actions that strengthen social cohesion, inclusivity and equity through sustainable social and economic development


Stop further degradation and defragmentation of critical sites in the Central Forest Spine (CFS) through advocacy, community led action and civil society initiatives

Arts, Heritage & Culture (AHC)

To transform Malaysia into a distinctive destination for AHC by enabling and supporting AHC-led initiatives that positively advances the AHC ecosystem in the country


To support sound and evidence-based policy-making and advocacy to affect positive change and impact on the pressing issues affecting Malaysia


The Hasanah Report 2017 (THR2017)

The Hasanah Report 2017 (THR17) captures Hasanah's journey as an impact based foundation, focusing on the progress of our Primary and Secondary Impacts to promote Malaysia's global sustainability through solutions that empower communities, encourage social inclusivity and improve the environment.

The Hasanah Report 2014 (THR2014)

THR2014 captures Hasanah’s key highlights in 2014 made possible through our Partners.

The Hasanah Report 2015 (THR2015)

THR2015 is a fresh concept that shares stories about Hasanah’s Partners and their beneficiaries.

The Hasanah Report 2016 (THR2016)

The Hasanah Report 2016 (THR16) captures Hasanah's journey in the year, with a special focus on our beneficiaries.


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