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Focus Areas

Imagine a community where everyone is fully enabled to take charge of their future while equally contributing to Malaysia’s progress. Man or woman, young or old, our aim is to provide each individual with access to opportunities where they can thrive and fulfil their potential.

Each of our focus areas have been strategically chosen to make this vision a reality. Informed by research and delivered through collaborations with our civil society partner organisations, government bodies, and policymakers, we strive to make important, sustainable improvements in every area of our society.


Capacity Building


Investing in Effectiveness and Sustainability of Non-profits

Hasanah believes that investing in capacity development of our partners is foundational towards a shared vision for change. We consider capacity building to be an important component of overall organisational development. Capacity building may respond to specific skill gaps, whereas organisational development helps organisational evolution. This focus on organisational development is also embedded in the nature of grants we award.

The main objective of our capacity development is towards creating resilient and effective organisations, which we believe is crucial to deliver sustained efforts for long-term social change.





Transforming Lives, One Grant at a Time

Our vision of building a greater Malaysia would not be possible without the right partners recognising the importance of achieving positive sustainable impact.

From national to local levels, we work closely with ministries and public sector agencies as well as non-profit and grassroot organisations to deliver policies and programmes that support the overall social well-being of Malaysians.

Through this comprehensive approach, we are able to support a wide range of causes that are most important to our communities and the nation as a whole. From improving public school education to providing entrepreneurship trainings for women to even creating a greener environment for our future generations, every programme we support is geared towards empowering Malaysians with the skills they need.

Filled with passion and driven by perseverance? Have what it takes to drive your community’s aspirations?


The Hasanah Reports

Our Partners

Our Partners

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