About Us

Advancing Malaysia, one person at a time, across all layers of society.

Yayasan Hasanah (Hasanah) was born as an independent grant-making foundation on 1 July 2015, with the aim of creating greater impact that complements Khazanah’s efforts towards advancing Malaysia.

Hasanah focuses on the pressing community, social, and environmental issues in Malaysia. We work to bring together policymakers, civil society organisationscorporations, and local communities to enable collective impact for the people and environment.

Today, Hasanah contributes to 15 of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – supporting impact-driven solutions in Malaysia through our grants and collaborations.

More than dollars and cents

While we offer grants for the most viable initiatives, our efforts do not stop there.

Beyond dollars and cents, Hasanah continues to facilitate an ecosystem of transformation. We work in collaboration with multiple stakeholders, infusing the spirit of advocacy and building capacity in our areas of focus.

Driven by impact and sustainability, Hasanah puts emphasis to support long-term projects through every developmental stage. In this journey, we help design, implement, and scale assessment models that will deliver the greatest impact in realising our shared vision.

Collectively and collaboratively, we hope to shift the needle towards social and environmental reforms in Malaysia.

Convenor. Collaborator. Catalyst.

Through various models, Hasanah works with a wide range of partners towards Advancing Malaysia.

  • Civil Society Organisations (CSOs)
  • Social Enterprises (SEs)
  • Humanitarian Agencies
  • Arts, Heritage & Culture Organisations
  • Government Agencies
  • Global Associations & Forums
  • Research / Academia