How to respond effectively and provide humanitarian aid during a pandemic: lessons for civil society organisations in Malaysia

As Malaysia strives to beat the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a growing realisation that this health emergency will have unforeseen impact on our economies, societies, livelihoods, and further marginalise the vulnerable groups. Hence, it is undeniable that greater coordinated effort is needed to support frontline health care workers, small businesses as well as the B-40 and indigenous communities who are affected at multiple fronts. However, in order to respond most effectively, CSO’s need to take greater care and a longer term perspective.

The underlying purpose of the webinar is to propose a re-thinking and broadening of the current understanding of ‘frontliners’ to also include community and social workers who provide on-ground support. In this webinar, experts will share steps that social purpose organisations can take to meet these unanticipated socio-economic challenges, protect public health, and effectively assist those most affected by this pandemic.