Treasure Our Peat Forest

The sweltering heat that year in 2013 chased people away to seek refuge in their homes. Those who were outdoors looked for shaded areas as their clothes were drenched in sweat, leaving dark patches on the colourful bright cloth. Next to the ELITE highway is the Kuala North Langat Forest Reserve (KLNFR), where animals were […]

Protecting the Ulu Muda Water Catchment Area – A Dollars-and-cents Perspective

Note: This is a continuation of an earlier post where Melanie Siow, Assistant Vice President for our Environment pillar, went on a field trip to the Ulu Muda forests. She tells of her experiential learning about the importance of protecting the water catchment area, with the landscape providing various ecosystem services. For example, ecotourism with its rich […]

Roots & Shoots Malaysia To Recognise Youths Who Take Action

Kuala Lumpur, 3 April 2019 – Today, Roots & Shoots Malaysia launches the inaugural Roots and Shoots Malaysia Award – a service-based Award designed to encourage youths to commit their time towards serving causes that are much bigger than themselves.   The Award is inspired by Dr. Jane Goodall, world renowned primatologist, the founder of Jane […]

RM60mn 2019 budgetary endorsement to protect and expand Malaysia’s natural forest reserves

In 2018, Hasanah worked alongside United Nations Development Program (UNDP)-Malaysia and Ministry of Economic Affairs (MEA) in highlighting to Ministry of Finance (MOF) on the need to balance economic growth with environmental protection based on principles of sustainability and sustainable development. As a result, YB Lim Guan Eng, Finance Minister announced RM60 million allocation by […]

Protecting River Ecosystems within the Central Forest Spine of Peninsular Malaysia

The forest within the central forest spine of Peninsular provides refuge to a diverse  range  of species and also plays a role in sequestering carbon from the atmosphere to provide oxygen and supplying water. The management of the river basin including its upstream areas which  are  typically natural forests ecosystems, are crucial for the continuous […]

A Sacred Landscape

As we drove along the murky Pahang River making our way further in the interiors of Chenor on the bumpy road, surrounding us was an endless sight of luscious greenery. The forest looked untouched, scattered with statuesque Tualang trees. Eventually, we reached a hill overseeing the forest in which its facade was revealed showing its […]

Sabah’s Hidden Gem

Far away from Kota Kinabalu across the ocean is an island blessed with sandy white beaches, surrounded by expansive blue waters glimmering all day. As we get closer to the island, the water turns clearer revealing the seabed along with its treasure in the form of eclectic fish swimming. Upon closer observation is the sad […]