To ensure we are making the change we wish to see, we strive to formulate more well-informed policies and more effective initiatives through knowledge sharing and rigorous research.

Audience listening attentively to Prof Ravi Kanbur and Prof Jomo Kwame Sundaram sharing their research.

Our Priorities

“KRI Morning Talk” co-hosted with Think City at the Khazanah Koridor Utara (KKU) in Penang

Hasanah believes in a bottom-up approach, working closely with development practitioners and policymakers to ensure all our interventions for marginalised communities are needs-based. We achieve this by engaging with our grant partners and stakeholders in documenting, learning, and sharing evidence through our on-ground projects. Knowledge sharing forms the foundation of creating the positive change our communities need.   In addition, we support world-class research addressing Malaysia’s most pressing issues through our research arm, Khazanah Research Institute (KRI). KRI shares data and information that helps our policymakers develop sound policies and plans that are grounded in evidence and thus more effective.  



sessions organised by Ilmu Hasanah attended by 900 stakeholders


workshops on capacity building attended by 693 civil society and NGO representatives


publications by Khazanah Research Institute contributing to Malaysia’s socio-economic development

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