Catch exciting Malaysian arts & cultural events this Nov-Dec 2022 

 Ending the year with a bang; ArtsFAS brings drama, dance, music and more! 

 Kuala Lumpur, 3 Nov 2022: As we wrap up 2022, Yayasan Hasanah, the impact-based foundation of Khazanah, invites all layers of Malaysian society to not miss Arts for All Seasons (ArtsFAS) – an exciting series of arts, cultural and heritage events, promising to be a treat for the senses. Mark your calendar today by checking out the full list of shows at! 

Earlier this year, Yayasan Hasanah announced that it awarded grants amounting RM3 million to 26 arts, culture and heritage organisations through its annual ArtsFAS grant initiative in support of revitalising the creative economy. Some 1,000 plus arts, culture and heritage practitioners are expected to benefit through the annual ArtsFAS grant programme jointly managed with the Ministry of Finance, enabling improved economic opportunities while providing arts and cultural experiences to Malaysian audiences. 

Ongoing now until year end, ArtsFAS 2022 supports over 50 performances, theatrical productions, workshops, exhibitions, webinars, ensemble performances, and other events, orchestrated in the Klang Valley as well as nearly all Malaysian states. 

Check out some of these not-to-be-missed events! 

ArtsFAS 2022 Event Highlights 


12 Nov 2022 | Dewan Semarak at University of Malaya, KL 
Bengkel Seni Budaya Punjabi – Pergendangan Alat Muzik Dhol, Seni Tarian Bhangra & Seni Tarian Giddha 
By Dhol Alliance Entertainment 

Introducing Punjabi culture to the modern youth through a workshop on playing “Dhol” music, and “Bhangra” dance, this project is an initiative of the Dhol Alliance to attract the interest and unearth the talents of youth from various nations to deepen their understanding of traditional music. There are 3 performances that will be held, namely Dhol Drumming, Bhangra Dance Art, and Giddha Dance Art. Each performance will be given a time of 1 hour where 15 minutes is allocated for the performance from the group, with the remaining 45 minutes allocated for the workshop of each performance. 

16 Nov 2022 | The Temple of Fine Arts Malaysia (TOFA), KL 
Irama Rimba- Resounding Malaysian Music 
By The Temple of Fine Arts Year End 2022 Productions 

The project aims to showcase 3 main performances of Listening to The Trees (Ankur), Nadopasana, and Kadambari. The performance consists of multi-layered, multicultural musical performance featuring local Malaysian talents. 

25 Nov – 4 Dec 2022 | Old Court House, Kuching 
Food over Fire Festival | Heirloom Showcase 
By Whatmatters 

Under HEIRLOOM SHOWCASE, the 2nd full size hearth will be built at the Old Court House, another historical public space venue. A nightly story telling of folklore, myths and legends is in order for the public. Live exhibitions, workshops, cultural showcases, heirloom food demonstrations, arts & craft night market bring out all heirloom themes. At the Auditorium, enjoy short film screenings, Sarawak heritage films, old Kuching videos as well as cultural performances from various creative institutions both private and public. 

2 – 4 Dec 2022 | Fort Margherita, Kuching, Sarawak 
The Hearth Brought to Light – Food over Fire Festival 
By Whatmatters 

It is around the hearth that families congregate to sing, dance, cook and share stories in their daily lives and during traditional festivals, feasts and rituals. At the historical Fort Margherita as the primary public space, The HEARTH Brought to Light is a programme that encompasses history, tradition, customs, arts and the heritage of Sarawak. A one-hour pantomime and performing arts edutainment will be staged around a reconstructed and authentic full size live Kelabit hearth, called a tetel. After which guests will experience a FOOD over FIRE FESTIVAL (FoFF), a first ever in Malaysia. FoFF showcases the traditional practice of cooking over fire in all its various forms. 

2 – 3 Dec 2022 @ @ Auditorium JKKN, Kedah 
Pementasan Bangsawan ‘Terung Pipit’ 
By Langgeng Bangsawan / Persatuan Bangsawan Warisan Jelapang 

The workshop and performance of Bangsawan Terung Pipit is to educate, develop, and restore the glory of aristocratic performing arts, especially in the fields of aristocratic acting, dance, martial arts, and related to aristocratic performing arts as well as fostering a love for Malaysian heritage and cultural arts. 

8 – 11 Dec 2022 | Stage 1 Theater, PJPAC 
Drumhouse : Honouring a Cultural Heritage 
By Hands Percussion 

Traditional Teochew music and instruments as well as Teochew opera elements (including elaborate music, costumes, makeup and vocals) show the stories with a twist of slightly different take, with the metallic tones of the gamelan, the varying timbre sounds of the shigu drums while drawing on Zamzuriah Zahari’s traditional Kelantanese Mak Yong and Mek Mulung experiences into a traditional Teochew opera character to find that perfect balance to tell our tales of life, survival and entertainment. 

9 – 10 Dec | Pantai Chenang, Langkawi Kedah 
Walimatulurus – An Immersive Theatrical Interpretation of One Of Langkawi’s Well-known Legends 
By Projek Suatukala Sdn Bhd 

Walimatulurus is an immersive theatre experience, where the audience becomes part of the show. Based on popular Langkawi legend Mat Chincang and Mat Raya, the show aims to re-visit the old Langkat wedding traditions of Sumatera that form the basis of today’s Malay wedding culture and feature a modern adaptation of Silat Bunga Kedah. 

10 Dec 2022 | JKKN Auditorium, Kuantan, Pahang 
Konsert Gema Melayu Asli 
By Persatuan Gelanggang Seni Warisan Negeri Pahang 

The Gema Melayu Asli concert invigorates the popularity and uniqueness of Malay music and songs, through the performance of a line-up of 8 singers, 7 musicians and 10 dancers among young talents from the East Coast and combining 5 figures from the fields of Culture, Language, Music and Lyrics, Religion and Broadcasting; giving a fresh impact in this concert – a commentary on the true essence of original Malay music and songs. 

16 – 18 Dec 2022 | Panggung Bandaraya DBKL 
Rentak Bumi 2.0 – When Dance Videos Come Alive! 
By Duo Space Dance Theatre Sdn Bhd 

Rentak Bumi, is an exciting Multi-Cultural dance celebration covering contemporary, traditional and modern dances reflecting Malaysia’s rich cultural diversity that will be presented live on stage through showcasing Malaysia’s heritage and culture through performing arts for the benefit of the general Malaysians.