Hasanah Special Grant 2022

Change happens when we work together



Long-lasting change cannot be achieved alone. Instead, it takes many people, groups and communities, working together towards a common goal. That is why our partners are important to us. With grants awarded once a year, we support programmes that are aligned to the following focus areas:


Community Development


Arts & Public Spaces



What We Look For

What We Do Not Support

On Funding

Depending on the duration and nature of each project, the grant amount we offer may vary. A maximum of RM2,500,000 can be awarded for projects spanning over three years, while pilot projects and shorter projects are eligible for a smaller amount.

We focus on achieving long-term impact. To this effect, we provide two types of funding:

  • Organisational Development Funding (ODF) aimed at strengthening our partners’ operations
  • Programme Management Funding (PMF) aimed at supporting the sustainability of initiatives

Beyond Funding

In addition to the grants awarded, we seek to support our partners in capacity building. Through mentorships, trainings, networking opportunities, best practice advice, and more, we provide them with the knowledge and skills to better strategise and lead, opening doors to greater impact in the long run.

How To Apply

Watch the video below on how to apply for our grants.

We encourage you to read through the grant application guidelines, glossary and the grant application form sample, before applying for a Hasanah grant. These are available by clicking on the buttons below:

What To Expect

STEP 1: Eligibility Assessment

Our grant application process starts with an Eligibility Assessment, which all applicants have to go through.

Before submitting your Eligibility Assessment, please be sure to have the following documentation ready:

  • Your certificate of Registration from either the Registrar of Companies or the Registrar of Societies.
  • Audited financial accounts for the most recent 2 years.

Our team will take 1-3 working days to determine if you are eligible.

STEP 2: Creating an Organisation Profile

If you are eligible, our team will get in touch with a link to access our grant portal where you can start your application by first creating your Organisation’s Profile.  

STEP 3: Completing the Grant Application

Once you have created your Profile, you will be re-directed to a page where you can start your grant application. Each organisation may submit more than one grant application, but be sure to keep one application to one specific project.

You can download the templates below, and upload the completed forms when you are submitting your grant application.

Important Dates to Remember

17 January 2022

Open for grant applications
(Applications reviewed every 45 days, spanning for 6 cycles)

8 August 2022

Last date to submit Eligibility Assessment

15 August 2022

(provided Hasanah has examined the eligibility documentation)
Last date to submit Grant Applications

Meet Us at our 'Open Day'

Have further questions?

You are welcome to meet us at the Open Day near you. We are happy to answer your questions and provide guidance for grant applications.

*Seats are limited. Covid-19 SOPs apply; walk-ins are strictly not allowed.

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Grant Process - Please refer to the grant workflow below for a step-by-step view of our grant process.