A festive December: Treat yourself to Malaysia’s traditional arts, heritage & cultural shows!

ArtsFAS 2022 brings you the best of food, drama, dance, music, and more 

Kuala Lumpur, 1 Dec 2022: Sprinkling some magic this holiday season, Yayasan Hasanah, the impact-based foundation of Khazanah Nasional, invites all Malaysians to attend Arts for All Seasons (ArtsFAS) – an exciting series of arts, heritage and cultural events being held all around Malaysia, promising to be a treat for the senses. This festive month, gift yourself a wide array of Malaysian traditional experiences by checking out show dates on www.artsfas.org!  

Earlier this year, Yayasan Hasanah announced that it awarded grants amounting RM3 million to 26 arts, culture and heritage organisations through its annual ArtsFAS grant initiative in support of revitalising the creative economy. Some 1,000 plus practitioners are expected to benefit through the annual ArtsFAS grant programme jointly managed with the Ministry of Finance, enabling improved economic opportunities while providing unique cultural experiences to Malaysian audiences.  

To date, the ArtsFAS programme has supported over 50 performances, theatrical productions, workshops, exhibitions, webinars, ensemble performances, and other events, orchestrated in the Klang Valley as well as nearly all Malaysian states. This year’s ArtsFAS 2022 is expected to unveil even more breath-taking shows happening this December after our recent round of grant applications that concluded on November 30th! 

What’s On This December 

25 Nov – 4 Dec 2022 | Old Court House, Kuching 

Food over Fire Festival | Heirloom Showcase 

By Whatmatters 

Under HEIRLOOM SHOWCASE, the 2nd full size hearth will be built at the Old Court House, another historical public space venue. A nightly story telling of folklore, myths and legends is in order for the public. Live exhibitions, workshops, cultural showcases, heirloom food demonstrations, arts & craft night market bring out all heirloom themes. At the Auditorium, enjoy short film screenings, Sarawak heritage films, old Kuching videos as well as cultural performances from various creative institutions both private and public. 

2 – 4 Dec 2022 | Fort Margherita, Kuching, Sarawak 

The Hearth Brought to Light – Food over Fire Festival 

By Whatmatters 

A program that encompasses history, tradition, customs, arts and the heritage of Sarawak through a pantomime, traditional performing arts edutainment around a full-sized live hearth, followed by a festival featuring the traditional practice of cooking “Food over Fire” at the historical Fort Margherita as the primary public space. 

2 – 3 Dec 2022 @  Auditorium JKKN, Kedah 

Pementasan Bangsawan ‘Terung Pipit’ 

By Langgeng Bangsawan / Persatuan Bangsawan Warisan Jelapang 

The workshop and performance of Bangsawan Terung Pipit is to educate, develop, and restore the glory of aristocratic performing arts, especially in the fields of aristocratic acting, dance, martial arts, and related to aristocratic performing arts as well as fostering a love for Malaysian heritage and cultural arts. 

3-4 Dec 2022 | MUO Resort, Muar, Johor 

MAPO Festival 2022 

By Pudipang Industries 

MAPO Festival 2022 Project is a medium of education and community appreciation for arts and culture. Various activities and programs will be held such as stage performances, workshops and clinics, sharing sessions and forums, exhibitions, competitions, and others. All forms of these activities include modern, traditional, and contemporary elements of arts and culture. The festival will also feature artisans and industrial workers from Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. 

3-4 Dec 2022 |  Kundasang, Ranau Sabah 

Seminar Pertemuan Sasterawan Etnik Serantau 2022 (SPSESS22) 

By Kelab Penulis Kadazandusun/Murut (Momogunsia) 

Regional literary conference seminars to present regional ethnic literature issues, highlighting ethnic literature among students and writers, as well as ethnic literature development workshops. 

This seminar will be attended by writers from the states of Sabah, Sarawak, peninsular Malaysia and Brunei and the speakers, alongside writers and researchers of ethnic literature in Southeast Asia. One of the themes that will be discussed and delivered is to bring Ethnic Literature to the mainstream, strengthen the network and connection of writing activities of various races (ethnicities) to help strengthen the development of the National language in various races, encourage ethnic-based works to highlight local wisdom, and publish a magazine of material presentation for future documentations. 

8 – 11 Dec 2022 | Stage 1 Theater, PJPAC 

Drumhouse : Honouring a Cultural Heritage 

By Hands Percussion 

Traditional Teochew music and instruments as well as Teochew opera elements (including elaborate music, costumes, makeup and vocals) show the stories with a twist of slightly different take, with the metallic tones of the gamelan, the varying timbre sounds of the shigu drums while drawing on Zamzuriah Zahari’s traditional Kelantanese Mak Yong and Mek Mulung experiences into a traditional Teochew opera character to find that perfect balance to tell our tales of life, survival and entertainment. 

8 Dec 2022 | Dewan Sri Pinang, Penang 

The Three Scholars 

By Teochew Puppet And Opera House 

The project would be a demonstration and inspiration to the traditional performing art practitioners on the potential and possibility of the dying traditional art form. This revitalization will also provide an opportunity for younger generations to understand and appreciate the uniqueness and beauty of traditional art form and folktales. The appreciation will encourage more people to appreciate this art form. 

9 – 10 Dec | Laman Padi, Langkawi, Kedah 


By Projek Suatukala Sdn Bhd 

Walimatulurus is an immersive theatre experience, where the audience becomes part of the show. Based on popular Langkawi legend Mat Chincang and Mat Raya, the show aims to re-visit the old Langkat wedding traditions of Sumatera that form the basis of today’s Malay wedding culture and feature a modern adaptation of Silat Bunga Kedah. 

9 Dec 2022 | Auditorium Wisma Tun Sambanthan, Kuala Lumpur 

Pertandingan Teater & Majlis Peyampaian Hadiah 

By Persatuan Seni Pentas India 

The Tamil School Malay Language Theater Competition, will take place in 2022 physically to re-invigorate theatrical activities at the primary school level by using the National Language to improve the mastery of the National Language among school students. The winner of the competition will receive the Hasanah Cup as a round trophy, in addition to other prizes. 

10 Dec 2022 | JKKN Auditorium, Kuantan, Pahang 

Konsert Gema Melayu Asli Irama Tradisional 

By Persatuan Gelanggang Seni Warisan Negeri Pahang 

The Gema Melayu Asli concert invigorates the popularity and uniqueness of Malay music and songs, through the performance of a line-up of 8 singers, 7 musicians and 10 dancers among young talents from the East Coast and combining 5 figures from the fields of Culture, Language, Music and Lyrics, Religion and Broadcasting; giving a fresh impact in this concert – a commentary on the true essence of original Malay music and songs. 

16 – 18 Dec 2022 | Panggung Bandaraya DBKL 

Rentak Bumi 2.0 – When Dance Videos Come Alive! 

By Duo Space Dance Theatre Sdn Bhd 

Rentak Bumi, is an exciting Multi-Cultural dance celebration covering contemporary, traditional and modern dances reflecting Malaysia’s rich cultural diversity that will be presented live on stage through showcasing Malaysia’s heritage and culture through performing arts for the benefit of the general Malaysians. 

17 – 18 Dec 2022 | Auditorium D’sury, JKKN Negeri Sembilan, Seremban Negeri Sembilan 

Konsert Musik Tradisional Negeri Sembilan 

By Kelab Teater Asar Negeri Sembilan 

The project is an initiative to uplift Negeri Sembilan’s Art of Traditional Music. A new rendition mixed with traditional performances, presented in orchestral form and combined with “String” musical equipment while preserving the traditional value of the music itself. 

24 – 25 Dec 2022 | Experimental Theater, Akademi Seni Budaya dan Warisan Kebangsaan, ASWARA, Kuala Lumpur 

Menempa Tari Tradisi 

By ASK Dance Company 

Menempa Tari Tradisi is a collection of classical dance performances and traditional dances of the Malay community for the general public. Tarian Joget Gamelan, Tarian Mengadap Rebab, Tarian Terinai, Silat Tari, Tari Inai, Tarian Joget, Tarian Zapin, Tarian Inang, Tarian Asli and other traditional dances will be featured in this project. 

26 – 30 Dec 2022 | Banquet Hall SUK Perak, Ipoh Perak 

Perak Chinese Orchestra Festival  

By Persatuan Okestra Cina Ipoh 

The program is designed to stimulate and invigorate the local community’s enthusiasm for the Chinese orchestra culture through seminars, workshops in schools, competitions, concerts and intensive camps related to the Chinese Orchestra. 

Coming this December | Black N Red Studio, Youtube Channel 

The Black N Red Coffee Table 

By Black N Red Studio 

The Black N Red Coffee Table aims to be a video podcast session which will be featuring worthy local independent musicians from the Northern side of Malaysia (Perlis, Kedah, Pulau Pinang, Perak). It is planned to be a new program made by the studio to interview local musicians to share their musical journey and also the hottest news from the northern side of the indie/underground music scene in a video podcast style. 

14 – 29 Jan 2023 | Pusat Komuniti Rakyat Tumpat, Kelantan 

After Monsoon Project Varna Art 

By Varna Art 

The project is an exploration of the natural life between sea and land revolving the monsoon season that occurs every year on the east coast. The title “After Monsoon” will change the perception of debris after the monsoon that is commonly considered as ‘trash’, with an approach that manipulates various layers of the process, turning it into an educational subject.