Experiences and Key Learnings from Responding to Natural Disasters in Malaysia

Malaysia has in recent years seen unprecedented levels of natural disasters, primarily floods as well as the unexpected earthquake in Sabah causing the need for increased resources for responses to meet the needs of survivors. In the wake of these disasters, particularly the floods of 2014/2015 which saw 160,000 evacuees during its peak, more and […]

Yayasan Hasanah Organises Public Forum to Share Experiences and Key Learnings from Natural Disaster Response in Malaysia

Yayasan Hasanah (“Hasanah”), the impact-based foundation of Khazanah Nasional Berhad (“Khazanah”) recently brought together various Non-Governmental Organisations (“NGOs”) such as MERCY Malaysia, Tzu Chi Foundation, IMARET, and the GLC Disaster Response Network (“GDRN”), to share experiences and key learnings from their natural disaster response efforts in Malaysia in a public forum. This is the first […]

Funding for Social Purpose Organizations

Moving away from the traditional grant trajectory, the day-long sessions helped partners explore innovative alternate mechanisms, platforms and avenues that non-profits could use to fundraise, scale up their organisations or better deliver impact. This particular event brought in 10 speakers covering a range of mechanisms including crowdfunding, social outcome funds, social impact bonds, accelerators etc. […]

Yayasan Hasanah Strengthens Environmental Education Outreach Nationwide

Hasanah collaborates with partners to deliver education programmes to reduce carbon footprints and improve waste management across 88 schools in Malaysia Yayasan Hasanah (Hasanah) has expanded its support on environmental education outreach efforts in addressing carbon footprint and waste management to Northern Peninsular Malaysia, where it has reached out to 54 schools across various projects, […]

Finding Purpose at the Intersection of Me+We

Alvin Ung is the author of four books including Together: Finding Purpose at the Intersection of Me+We, where he traveled to 10 Asian countries to study how 100+ leaders harnessed the power of purpose to transform people, places and the planet. Twice named as a Fellow at Khazanah Nasional, his writings have been published by […]

National Budget 2019 Commentary

Yayasan Hasanah commends the strong focus on the people’s socio-economic wellbeing in Budget 2019. As an impact-based foundation that is currently working with over 40 civil society and partner organisations (CSPOs) nationwide, we welcome the government’s RM10mn allocation to Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and Social Enterprises. This will help the organisations to build their capacity, increase […]

International Women’s Day: “Celebrating Women Overcoming Barriers of Discrimination”

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 every year to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The first observance was in 1908 when 15,000 women marched through New York City demanding voting rights, better pay, and shorter working hours. The 1910 International Woman’s Conference then suggested 8 March to become […]

Valuing Ecosystem Services: Does it matter and how do we go about it?

Ecosystems are communities formed by the interaction between living (plants, animals, microbes) and non-living organisms (air, water, mineral soil). Human beings are part of ecosystems and we benefit from them in many ways. The benefits are known as Ecosystem Services (ES). Learn about why valuing ES is important for conservation and how it is connecting […]

Local NGOs share sustainable strategies to serving the needy

Running a social organisation requires a lot of heart, dedication, hard work – and also importantly, a sustainable operating model. While many Good Samaritans have noble intentions of helping others, there remains the challenge of keeping their altruistic efforts running for the long-term. Five prominent personalities in the Malaysian non-profit sector recently gathered for a […]