Focus Area Aspiration

Promote a high quality and efficient education system that is equitable and accessible, and that develops top talent for a globally competitive Malaysia

Despite Malaysia’s relatively high spend on Education, student performance data from 2010 indicates that Malaysia lags behind other countries with similar or lower levels of education spend per student1. Recognising the need to transform the education system, the Malaysian Education Blueprint 2013-2025 (Blueprint) identified eleven shifts to improve access, quality, unity, equity, and efficiency of the system. Here at Yayasan Hasanah, we support scalable educational models that promote equity and increase access to quality education.

Our Priorities In Education

School Management

Shift 6 of the Blueprint calls for the empowerment of relevant stakeholders to customise school management solutions based on schools’ and students’ needs. We support the achievement of this shift through our Flagship Partner, Yayasan AMIR, in the development and implementation of a comprehensive and scalable school transformation model. Yayasan AMIR focuses on enhancing education delivery to every child regardless of geography, gender, or socio-economic background; strengthening school management; and improving curriculum.

We select, support, groom, and nurture exceptional individuals who will eventually become future leaders of the country. We are also putting additional effort into searching for economically challenged students with potential.

Yayasan Khazanah

Talent Development

Human capital development has been and remains a central commitment for Khazanah. Likewise, it is a central commitment to our work in Education. We facilitate upward social mobility and the betterment of Malaysia through human capital development. Our Flagship Partner, Yayasan Khazanah, develops the next generation of leaders for Malaysia. We also support Teach for Malaysia in their efforts to improve teacher quality through training, development, and attracting the right talent into Education.

We work with principals, school leadership, and teachers, so that students are transformed holistically to be more balanced, to have leadership skills, collaboration skills, and problem-solving skills.

Shahnaz Al-Sadat
Yayasan AMIR

Community Involvement

The importance of partnering among the community, private, and social sectors in making the shift from school learning to system learning does not go unnoticed by the Blueprint. We support the Blueprint’s aspirations for partnerships at scale to drive performance improvements of low-performing schools. PINTAR Foundation works in partnership with corporations, partner non-governmental organisations (NGO), and the Government to enhance the motivation and success of underserved Malaysian students through education. We believe that more active involvement by Corporate Malaysia and local communities will result in improved student outcomes.

1Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025, Ministry of Education Malaysia