Trust School: Cikgu Mazita

We met Cikgu Mazita on the visit to Sekolah Amanah SK Gemang located in Jeli, Kelantan. Modest and humble by character, the true colour changed (*in a good way of course) as her personality sparked with emotion and passion when we asked her to tell us the experience teaching more than 30 pre-school students under […]

Trust School visit in Jeli, Kelantan

Hasanah visits Trust Schools in Jeli Hasanah visited our 3 Trust Schools in Jeli, Kelantan – Cohort 2016 Jeli is the first Trust School Programme (TSP) cluster in Kelantan, and it comprises 5 schools; 3 primary schools and 2 secondary schools. YH: 3 schools (SK Gemang, SK Ayer Lanas, SMK Ayer Lanas) and Tenaga Nasional […]

Transforming education for a better Malaysia

Transforming education for a better Malaysia Rapid advancements in innovation and technology have significantly transformed the way we live, and with that the role of education in modern society. There is now a greater need than ever before to re-evaluate the necessary knowledge, skills and values that our future generations will need. This will ensure […]

PINTAR-UTAR (PUMP 2.0) Mental Health Literacy Training

The Mental Health Literacy Training for Teachers and School Counsellors (PUMP 2.0), sponsored by Yayasan Hasanah, is a comprehensive programme to increase active involvement of mental health professionals in providing training for teachers and counsellors to further support students’ development. 200 participants (principals, senior assistants, teachers and counsellors) from schools within 10km radius of People’s Housing […]

Live Research and Development – District Transformation Project (DTP)–AMAN as a Sustainable Intervention Model for Public Schools Transformation

Yayasan AMIR was established by Khazanah in 2010, to develop a comprehensive and scalable public school transformation model that sustainably improves student outcomes through four strategic goals – focusing on school leadership, teachers, students, and parents and community via a long-term commitment to improve accessibility to quality education through a Public-Private Partnership with the Ministry […]

Supporting Innovative Approaches to further Inclusive Education

The presence of children with learning disabilities in our classrooms is an opportunity for us to complement, improve and bridge the equity and quality gap between regular students and those with special needs. In the spirit of providing Quality Education for All, the Ministry of Education has taken steps to introduce the Special Education Secondary School Standard […]